Capacity Development

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The following are services associated with our Capacity Development which includes:

Migration Study Centre:

  • Undertakes study on issues of migration, patterns of migration of people across society and regions and production of related databases
  • Collates, stores, retrieves and analyses migration data and suggest policy implications for social-economic development
  • Trains and retrains professional human resources personnel and issue certificates
  • Open resource centres, research offices, libraries and print, publish, distribute and develop relevant information, newsletters, textbooks, course materials and other kinds of educational goods for the purposes of further studies
  • Organises leadership seminars, symposia and conferences on migration-related issues for societal Development.

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Chancery Travels & Tours:

  • Carries on business as travel agents to provide booking, reservation, routing and ticketing facilities for travel by any means of transportation either online or offline
  • Provides any services capable of assisting travellers, including immigration procedures, visas and travel documentations, airport transfers, airport shuttle services, holiday package, engaging in programme and itinerary formulation and assisting with hotel reservations, buying of hotel rooms from hotels all around the world
  • Carries out the business of tourism operators, to supply any person or persons with ideas, information and all assistance required to enhance tourists’ interest in any place or thing and to facilitate tourist travel
  • Carries out the business of travel agents for both local and international travel agents, tours, pilgrimage, hajj and umrah services, charter services for pilgrimage and tours and to undertake the manufacture, printing, importation and distribution of all types and sizes of pilgrims’ materials
  • Borrows or raises money in any such manner as the company shall think fit to secure the repayment of any money borrowed, raised or owing by mortgage charge or in lien upon the whole or any part of the company’s property or assets
  • Does all such other things as may be considered incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

Foundation for Open Access Learning:

  • Promotes and initiates online credit transfer system on open access learning and skills development
  • Promotes quality access to academic learning opportunities for youths in Africa and the rest of the developing world
  • Promotes open education access for justice systems
  • Provides online instructional materials, open sourced learning tools, software, computers and broadband-related resources and facilities to foster the promotion of e-learning by students, employees, girls, rural and urban areas and for persons in correctional institutions through public spirited donations
  • Undertakes the publication, dissemination and distribution of online and other forms of learning resources, tools, kit, reports, books and journals, etc.
  • Provides technical and advisory research support and partnership services for institutions of learning and corporate entities on e-processed learning
  • Enlist the support of all tiers of government, diplomatic missions, national, regional and continental bodies to achieve e-learning in the developing world.

Salem Foundation for Peace & Justice Education, is to:

  • Contributes to personnel, family and global peace and justice
  • Organises, collates and analyses information and data on all aspects of peace and justice
  • Disseminates information on research findings using media and building databases
  • Educates and trains citizens on peace-making, peace-building, conflict management, conflict mediation and prevention and social risks assessment in communities and religious and educational institutions of learning.

Life Skills & Relationships Coaching. The following services are available:

  • One-on-One Counselling
  • Partner Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Research & Documentation
  • Private Investigation

Risks & Recovery Initiatives:

  • Capacity development of professionals
  • Research & Development
  • Analysis of Regular & Irregular Migration
  • Community & Environmental Risks Analysis
  • Peace Building

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