Company Objectives

Our mission-driven Core Values

Forensic & Fraud Investigation

Provides services in the areas of Biometric Forensics & Document Examination; Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation; Forensic Background & Corporate Due Diligence; Security & Criminal Intelligence; Forensic Interviewing & Profiling; Digital and Cybersecurity Forensics; and Forensic, Crime & Justice Sciences; etc.

Financial Risks Management

Undertakes consultancy services in the areas of financial risks management & disputes settlement; safety, security, violence, gender, crime, and delinquency; human trafficking, child abuse, and other social problems.

Purchase & Distribution of security Devices

Buys sells, exports, imports, prepare for market and deal in all kinds of goods (whether or not manufactured in whole or in part) and materials in any part of the world, and generally carries on the business of general merchandise and distribution of security gadgets, technologies, applications, software packages, hardware devices, equipment and materials of all kinds of descriptions.

Research Driven

Conducts researches, generate and publish data and undertake public policy advocacy.

Capacity Development

Undertakes human capacity development through workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.

Contract Execution

Carries out the business of general contractors and suppliers.


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About Us

We are a team of professionals assisting our clients respond to cases ranging from the propriety of accounting and financial reporting, tax, fraud, and anti-money laundering inquiries, technology and Information systems consulting and management advisory.

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