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The Migration Study Centre (MSC), Abuja-Nigeria is an independent advocacy and educational think tank devoted to the study of national and international migration, to the promotion of understanding between immigrants and receiving communities, and to the fostering of public policies that safeguard the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees and newcomers through advocacy, policy development and inspiring best-fit management practices. MSC was incorporated in 2011 but became formally operational in March 2015.


The Migration Study Centre was founded upon the felt-need for an avenue to provide requisite expertise and efficient services in the emerging landscapes of migration, its policy and best-fit management practices for national planning processes and development within Nigerian, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sub-regional and broader international contexts.

Migration studies are about advancing the understanding of the movement and settlement of people (including immigration, internal migration, seasonal migration and emigration) through multidisciplinary approaches (including geography, sociology, psychology, health, politics, economics, language, art, gender, and religion). The Centre aims to have strong policy links with national government institutions and international organisations, which address national and the world’s growing migration diversity.

MSC operates as a legally distinct entity with an independent Board of Trustees.


The purpose of MSC is to promote innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies and to function as a service exchange mechanism centre for governments and organizations. The Migration Study Centre aims to serve the community as a leading international institution for the study of human migration, focusing on the peoples of Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the world at large.

The Centre aims to facilitate, promote and develop interdisciplinary work on migration through hosting of programmes of events, seminars, workshops and conferences all-year that explore migration from diverse disciplinary perspectives. The Centre is committed to acting as a focal point in Nigeria for research related to migration and to offer opportunities to scholars of migration within and beyond to share and develop their work through participation in the Centre’s events and publications. It welcomes expressions of interest in collaboration from scholars working on any aspect of migration and from organizations working in the field of migration and the Diaspora. It seeks to further develop both links with the Nigerian federal capital Abuja area and with migration-related organizations in other parts of Nigeria and abroad. The Centre also aims to provide facilities for researchers from overseas who wish to spend a period of migration-related study. Applications will normally be invited from visiting research fellows and students. The Centre will seek institutional collaboration with universities in Nigeria and abroad in the future.

MSC carries out its mission in the following ways:

  • Publication of journals (including the recently inaugurated Migration Studies Review), books, conference proceedings, flyers, fact sheets, brochures, newsletters and other working papers.
  • Hosting of conferences, meetings, briefings, symposia and dialogues as part of its advocacy on mainstreaming migration issues.
  • Production of evidence-based, policy-relevant research. MSC research on international and domestic migration will critically analyse how human mobility reshapes institutions, attitudes, economies and policies. Through its work, the Centre influences global and regional academic research agendas, policy deliberations and civil society mobilisations.
  • Solicitation of logistical, material and funding support from local, national and international institutions and related organizations for its activities.
  • Maintenance of extensive archives on migration in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the world.
  • Provision of Continuous Education/Teaching

To accomplish its educational mission, the Centre aims to develop a three-level programme consisting of:

  1. Special courses on migration policy
  2. Service-learning and community building
  3. Migration Research and Dissemination

Within this programme, the Centre will offer:

  1. Short-term courses on the philosophy, elements/contents and constraints of policy on migration and how to rewrite them;
  1. Seminars for junior, senior and management staffs, respectively of government institutions, diplomatic missions, private agencies, etc on lessons of local and global migration patterns;
  2. Workshops for community leaders, faith-based organisations, non-governmental organisations and migration desk officers on communicating community peacebuilding strategies in conflict situations and how to mitigate effects of crisis;
  3. Course materials and resources for teachers and non-governmental organizations on migration-related response mechanisms in community, national and international development, etc.

Furthermore, MSC aims to work with policy-makers on international, regional, national and local levels; scholars and researchers; faith-based groups; non-governmental organizations; and other civil society organizations and hopes to enjoy consultative status with various regional and global organizations to achieve these.


To be the foremost centre for the provision of information on policy and management of people moving in the world towards the promotion of equal rights and responsibilities for migrants and receiving communities.


To encourage and enable individuals, groups and organisations to develop and drive a balanced sense of equity, human rights and human dignity in migration management by providing a wide range of educational, research and advocacy activities and services to mitigate the adverse conditions suffered by people in various situations of need, war and crisis without discrimination.

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